A privately owned campus with 88.96 decimile(3599.97 m2) Landscape.

Land is registered in the office of sub-Registrar,Gola,Ramgarh and the actual location being vill-Sukrigarha, P.O. :- Lari, Dist.-Ramgarh, Under the name of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Teacher’s Training college vide 3059/3019,3085/3045,3229/3186,3302/3259(Sale deed) dated 31.05-2010, 01.06.2010, 09.06.2010, 12.06.2010.

13.33 Decimal land is registered after the application in Dec. 2010.

Mutation of the land document done by competent land and revenue authority vide order No.-783/10-11,786/10-11,785/10-11,784/10-11 dated 26.07.2011.

All plots are adjacent to each other, thus, is an infragmental land with proper boundries and barrier-free.



Khata No.-55/37,57,107

Khasra No.-1022,1024,1032,1033,1034,1035

Ward No.-07,Sukrigarha,Ramgarh




The institution has a beautiful and structurally sound building.

The map is approved by all the competent authorities, validating it’s strength, safety parameters and capacity. It is constructed under the parameters laid by Bureau of Indian Standards. Relevant certificates have been also obtained by the competent Government authorities.

The building has well planned,spacious,properly lighted and well-ventillated rooms. A small garden to add to the aesthetic values,and water recharging system, ensuring water conservation. Drainage system is well planned and up-to-date. Other structures such as verandah, passage, stairs, portico etc. too are well planned and comfortable.


Previous Builtup Area(For B.Ed.) - 23130 Sq. ft.

Extended Built up Area(For B. Ed.) - 24330 Sq. Ft.

Current Built up Area(For B. Ed. & D.El.Ed.) - 46416 Sq. Ft.

Floor Wise size of builtup area(For B.Ed. & D. El. Ed.):
1 Instruction carpet Area 1936.50 Sqm
2 Administrative carpet Area 147.72 Sqm
3 Other Area 2229.58 Sqm
4 Total Built up Area 4313.80 Sqm
5 Class Rooms
i) 600 Sq ft. viii) 600 Sq Ft
ii) 600 Sq. Ft. ix) 600 Sq Ft
iii) 600 Sq Ft x) 600 Sq Ft
iv) 600 Sq Ft xi) 600 Sq Ft
v) 600 Sq Ft xii) 600 Sq Ft
vi) 600 Sq Ft xiii) 600 Sq Ft
vii) 600 Sq Ft xiv) 633 Sq Ft
6 Multipurpose Hall 2790 Sq Ft
7 Principal Room 400 Sq. Ft.
8 Office Room 598 Sq. Ft.
9 Satff Room i) 330 Sq. Ft. 400 Sq. Ft.
10 Science & Mathematics resource Centre Lab 1230 Sq. Ft.
11 Psychology Resource Centre/ Lab 600 Sq. Ft.
12 E.T. :Lab 450Sq. Ft.
13 Library cum Reading Room 1964 Sq. Ft.
14 ICT Resource Center 485.76 Sq. Ft.
15 Art and Craft resource Centre 600 Sq. ft.
16 Healt & Physical Education Resorce Centre 621 Sq Ft
17 Administratiove Office 450 Sq. Ft
18 Visitors Room 390 Sq. Ft.
19 Girl's Common Room 506 Sq. Ft.
20 Seminar Room 1200 Sq. Ft
21 Canteen 180 Sq. Ft.
22 Toilets For Boys & Girls 258.69 Sq. Ft 201.94 Sq. Ft.
23 Parking Space 1800 Sq.Ft.
24 Store Room
i. 210 Sq. Ft iii. Lab - 97.5 Sq. Ft
ii. 300 Sq. Ft. iv. ICT Store 87.5 Sq. Ft
25 Multi Purpose Play Field 48112.8 Sq. Ft
26 Staff Toilet Male 86.22 Sq. Ft
27 Staff Toilet Female 86.22 Sq. Ft
28 Toilet for Divyang 36.25 Sq. Ft.
29 Music Room 400 Sq. Ft.
30 Sports Room 300 Sq. Ft.
31 S.U.P.W./ Work Shop 600 Sq. Ft.
32 Boy's Toilet 180 Sq. Ft.
33 NAAC Centre 120 Sq. Ft.
34 Curriculum Lab/Geography Lab 720 Sq. Ft.
35 Councelling Centre 146.59 Sq. Ft
36 CRC Placement Cell 146.59 Sq. Ft.
37 Boy's Hostel 1163 Sq. Ft.
38 Guard Room 112 Sq. Ft.


Class Room


Spacious,well equipped classroom with Scholarly, ambience, provided with Benches, desks, tables, podium, notice bord, educational charts and calendars, flash board, writing board etc.

Area – 600 sq.feet(each)


Multipurpose Hall


300-sq.feet stage area, well- equipped with all modern audio systems and electronic equipments, is just a part of the hall with the capacity of 150 students. An echo-free hall has proper ventilation and lights and an practical functionality.

Area – 2002 sq.feet.



A fully functional, well equipped office has 6 glass window counters,for the execution of students works. Office has sufficient stationary and furniture for managing and safe-keeping of records and is technologically sound, provided with comuters, Xerox machine, fax and other facilities.

Area – 400 sq.feet.


Principal Office


Fully furnished and well equipped room for the principal to help him to execute his duties and responsiblities. Doors and windows allow natural light and air to pass in the Principal’s office and has good view to the college, adjacent office and visitors room, this allowing the principal to keep an eye over view the institution.

Area – 400 sq.feet.



SRKTTC has a well established Corporate Resource Centre to cater to the needs of placement and  counseling students for their future career. It has a team of highly experienced persons and corporate concerned to facilitate and guide the students for the selection in Schools/ Resource Centres.


Seminar Hall


Well equipped Seminar Hall with sitting capacity of 100 students.

Area - 1200 Sq. feet

Other Rooms:- Staff room, Science and Math Lab, Psycho Lab, E.T. Lab, I.C.T. Room, Library, Art & Craft Room, Health & Physical Education Resource Room, Girls & Boys Common Rooms, Visitors Room , Canteen, Separate Toilets for Male & female, Store Room, Sports Store Room. Music Room. S.U.P.W. Room, Guard Room.



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